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When Do We Meet?
Physical Science meets on Mondays at 6:30.  Critical Reading in Science meets at 8:00 on the same day.
Introduction to Physical Science
Welcome to physical science! Over the course of the semester, we will be investigating a variety of topic through experimental methods. This means that the material you learn in this class will be gained by performing experiments.

There are two options for earning credit in this course:

         Take the 100 question exam on physical science.  It is multiple choice, true/false, and matching.  Attaining a 70% automatically earns you a passing mark equivalent to the score earned on the exam.  You may email me at to obtain a review packet that will prepare you for the exam.  You may only attempt the test out option once.

         Complete the requirements (labs/problem sets) outlined below.

There are three requirements to successfully complete option two:

  • You must complete a minimum of ten experiments
  • The average of your ten best experiments must be at least 70%
  • You must complete a final problem set covering the topics from the labs; this problem set will be handed out after week 9.  
Week 1 Graphing Exercise
Week 2 Density of Common Objects
Week 3 Domino Effect
Week 3 Calculating Acceleration Due to Gravity
Week 4 Inertia and Mass
Week 5 Spaghetti Breaking Force
Week 6 Projectile Motion
Week 7 Paper Chromatography of Markers
Week 8 Momentum of Inelastic Collisions
Week 9 Motion of a Pendulum
Week 10 Speed of Sound
Week 11 Acids and Bases
Critical Reading in Science
Attendance does count, but should you miss a class or need the notes for study purposes, I'll post them here.  Note that the homework packets are not given here and you will have to come by to pick them up.  Graded homework can also be picked up in the office.
Week 1 Lesson Driverless Cars The Perils of Cutting Science Research
Week 2 Lesson Kepler Discovers Smallest Planets Yet Mars Could Hold Underground Water
Week 3 Lesson Inertia Aristotle
Week 4 Lesson Food Chemistry Selected readings from packet
Week 5   Food Chemistry Selected readings from packet
Week 6   Food Chemistry Selected readings from packet
Week 7 Lesson Nutrition Labels Coffee and Caffeine
Week 8      
Week 9      
Week 10      
Week 11      


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