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Callers - Especially the  Scenarios
Andy in Bayside wants to talk to Mike 3/25/2011  
Anthony on the cell listened to Mike in prison/wants Yogi to manage the Mets  
Anti-Yankee mongo 10/25/1010  
Atrocious - caller 10/2/2009  
Ava doesn't prefer Al-Qaeda over the Yankees  
Bob in Westchester - Terrible is not a statistic 10/9/2012  
Bruce in Bayside for the 25th anniversary 6/26/2012  
Caller asks about wrestlers 1/12/2011  
Caller calls Mike a fat slob 9/30/2010  
Caller discussing Mantle's leg in a photo  
Caller goes from Jets to Yankees 11/11/2010  
Caller has issue with Giuliani and politics 6/14/2010  
Caller is reprimanded for hanging up 5/5/2009  
Caller on Jeter contract  
Caller says Mike is a fat slob 11/8/2013  
Can I make a Tom Coughlin comment - no 10/15/2010  
Chappy calls about Mantle - let's go, let's go (fast)  
Clueless in Seattle  
Dan - what Met? What Met is arrogant? 9/30/2009  
Derrick in Brooklyn 11/23/2009  
Derrick in Brooklyn (fast)  
Ed in Clifton Park wants to talk about Bragnelli 11/14/2013  
Hello? Caller is lost 10/13/2010  
Ira in Staten Island for the 25th anniversary 6/26/2012  
Jim in Wading River wants Carton to be Mike's partner  
Joe in New Jersey calls about Mets shooting off fireworks 11/14/2013  
Joe in Princeton wants to trade Amare 11/14/2013  
Joe on the cell - "Cardwell" (fast)  
Kelly in Nutley 10/29/2010  
Let's go Mets F-A-N (caller)  
Mario in Edgewater 11/15/2010  
Mario in Edgewater (fast)  
Matt in Toms River calls about the Colonial League 11/13/2013  
Mike cuts off Matthew in Westbury for Jim Calhoun 3/30/2011  
Mike Francesa gets a call from a mongo who was 'snoring' on the line 11/13/2013  
Mike in Mahopac for the 25th anniversary 6/26/2012  
Mike in Merrick's Mets poem (fast)  
Mike in Montclair for the 25th anniversary 6/26/2012  
Mike tries to belittle a Tampa Bay Rays fan 3/9/2010  
Mike's not talking about hockey 11/4/2013  
Nick Swisher is ****ing weak 10/3/2011  
Paul in Brooklyn 1/4/2011  
Scott calm down 10/21/2010  
Scott from Toms River "is home sick today" 11/30/2010  
Small dick caller 1/15/2010  
Stash talks about volleying a fly ball  
Tom in Harlem 1/7/2011  
The Quotable Mike Francesa
#23 on Oregon Maehl 1/11/2011  
30 hours a day's Mink  
9-9 in the league 3/15/2011  
Accenutate accenutate bink bink bink 1/4/2011  
AJ Burnett cannot pitch 10/14/2010  
All long arms 11/29/2010  
Andy Pettitte's a starting pitcher! 5/27/2009  
Are you kidding me?  
Are you there? 10/4/2010  
Are you totally lost? 5/18/2009  
Atrocious - Mike 5/27/2009  
Back and forth 3/10/2010  
Bashing the Mets re: Tatis 4/14/2010  
Beep - on the FAN 8/19/2010  
Before I totally ridicule this thing 1/4/2011  
Big nut to pay 1/7/2011  
Big nut to pay/instant results  
Bing bing bing goodbye 1/10/2011  
Blame the receivers 10/25/1010  
Braylon Edwards remarks 9/23/2010  
Bud do something!  
Bunch of garbage 4/27/2011  
Calm down please  
Can Beckett be Beckett? 9/29/2009  
Can't find Dan Patrick's ratings with a microscope 12/2/2009  
Can't give exact play by play 3/18/2010  
Can't make it up/LT arraignment 5/6/2010  
Cardwell gets tight  
Carmelo Anthony is not Lebron James 11/6/2013  
Cork in the eye 10/9/2010  
Counting the Bulls  
Counting to eight 3/16/2010  
Crusader Rabbit 1/12/2011  
Didn't hear the last part 5/6/2010  
Didn't hear you/what did you say? 9/20/2010  
Didn't know they were playing the long version 3/30/2011  
Dig in deep here 11/10/2010  
Drugs are killing society 8/7/2009  
Enormous - beep - winner 7/13/2010  
Enormous men pounding into each other 11/24/2009  
Eruption - talking about the Jets offense  
Favre hugs everyone 10/25/2010  
Favre's in the circus 10/25/2010  
Flat six games into the year 4/12/2010  
Football orgy 1/8/2010  
Football sprinkled in on this football Friday 10/29/2010  
Garza against Nova 9/20/2010  
Go to break  
God's Gift to St. John's 4/28/2011  
Groan/Weird sounds 3/24/2010  
Hand is not down 1/11/2011  
Have a brain in your head 5/6/2009  
He had sex with me 4/16/2010  
He has got to stop getting young women pregnant 4/13/2010  
He hit his ball into people 8/16/2010  
He is going to have to swallow a lot 2/3/2010  
He should have got the award 1/12/2010  
He should have got the award (fast) 1/12/2010  
He should have got the award (slow) 1/12/2010  
He was out of bounds 10/25/2010  
Here we go to sixteen..ohh! etc. 4/11/2011  
Hey man, I'm cool, no you're not you're lost 11/23/2009  
Heyman 10/7/2010  
Honey baby sweetie 1/4/2011  
How could you call that a touchdown? 10/25/2010  
How often does he touch it? 10/14/2010  
Humming repeated  
Hyatt incident 1/7/2011  
I don’t give a damn if they have a conga line in the end zone 10/21/2010  
I don't know 1/28/2011  
I never said that 12/3/2009  
I was hoarse 11/11/2010  
I…V…I…T…V…dot…com 10/28/2010  
If you like the big board 9/13/2010  
Ike needs to use his noodle 10/25/2010  
I'm human - what are you going to do - it happens 3/10/2010  
In a minute I'm going to the Yankees 5/3/2011  
It's a live ball! 10/25/2010  
I've got a lot of championships - Rex Ryan has zero 12/10/2010  
Jack in the studio part 1  
Jack in the studio part 2  
Jeter "condom number one" 9/16/2010  
Jeter look-alike 5/6/2009  
Jeter that's his hole 5/17/2010  
John Maine was worthless to 'em 5/21/2010  
Keep cheering for him/get ten more like him 9/22/2010  
Knicks are the Kincks/Nets are the Nets 11/30/2010  
Knicks/Nets tickets  
Kum ba ya love fest 11/11/2010  
Last year Yankees won the World Series 3/31/2011  
Let the Blitzer cream Kitna 11/8/2010  
Let's both talk at the same time 1/26/2010  
Lincoln Tunnel PSLs 6/14/2010  
Little communication in there boys 3/29/2010  
Long Ugh 8/18/2011  
LT is not human 5/6/2010  
LT sex story 5/6/2010  
Mariano's innings (fast)  
Massive burp 10/7/2010  
Mike accentuates orgasm 12/8/2009  
Mike actually met Secretariat 9/14/2010  
Mike and Charles Barkley talk about guns 2/11/2010  
Mike belittles Eddie for poor performance 5/18/2010  
Mike burps on air 3/10/2011  
Mike calls a listener an ignoramous 3/10/2010  
Mike channeling his inner Otis 1/27/2010  
Mike critiquing umpires as he watches on TV (fast)  
Mike does not partake in the marijuana  
Mike doesn't drink and drive 9/21/2010  
Mike doesn't hate anything 1/11/2011  
Mike doesn't like the new machinery  
Mike doesn't remember 1/22/2010  
Mike erupts on Joba 5/6/2009  
Mike Francesa talks about the 2014 Mets Promotional Schedule, Boyz II Men and 90s Boy Bands 11/13/2013  
Mike gets angry at a Jerry Manuel comment  
Mike gets angry at people calling in for the Super Bowl contest 1/28/2010  
Mike goes off on Peter Schwartz re: Braylon Edwards 9/23/2010  
Mike humming during Super Bowl contest 1/29/2010  
Mike kills Evan (full version) 1/20/2010  
Mike kills Evan (short version) 1/20/2010  
Mike kills producer (fast)  
Mike kills the "Killer B's" names 1/25/2011  
Mike knows his audience 3/16/2011  
Mike laughing 11/6/2009  
Mike likes Brandon Inge  
Mike makes disturbing sounds 6/21/2011  
Mike mentions that he used to play baseball  
Mike never bullied anyone 11/5/2013  
Mike never made that statement 1/11/2010  
Mike reads the list of nations in the World Cup 6/9/2010  
Mike talks about Chris Hansen 5/7/2010  
Mike wasn't on Hard Knocks, the cover of the Daily News 9/23/2010  
Mike wheezing again  
Mike yells at Sean to stop talking...then mumbles about NL champions  
Mike's a pretty big fan of Diane Lane 9/14/2010  
Mike's from the playgrounds and streets of Long Beach 11/2/2009  
Mike's GMC commercial 5/6/2011  
Mike's opening monologue 1/17/2011  
Mike's opening monologue (erupts on Joba) 5/6/2009  
Mike's opening monologue 10-25-2010  
Mike's opening monologue 10-25-2010 part 2  
Mike's play by play of a car chase 4/28/2009  
Mike's pretty sure that Kris Brown's stats are bad... 10/25/2010  
Mike's response to a prank  
Mike's sound effects (fast)  
Mike's trying to stay on topic 9/22/2010  
Mike's under the air conditioning vent (fast)  
Mike's wheezing laughter 3/17/2011  
Mirror images 1/21/2010  
Mocking AJ Burnett 10/14/2010  
Moss will eat Cromartie for lunch 9/15/2010  
Mushing Tiger's shot 5/6/2010  
Mushnick gets blamed for using as a source  
MVPs dead air 3/29/2010  
Ninth Inning 5/20/2010  
No no no no no 6/23/2009  
No one knows! 9/30/2009  
No Way  
No, no, no excuse me, excuse me, excuse me 1/22/2010  
No...give me another one 3/24/2010  
None! Zero! 6/8/2009  
Not a first baseman 4/14/2010  
Oh boy back after this 3/29/2011  
Oh My God!  
On three break - here's the Mink man 9/22/2010  
One more time Victor 5/15/2009  
Parachuting in 9/27/2010  
Parachuting in and taking someone's job 10/7/2010  
Pats will not be outprepared 11/29/2010  
Pause for a burp 1/7/2011  
Pay for play 10/29/2010  
Phone dies during interview 3/25/2011  
Phones are dead 3/23/2011  
Picking on the Mets is too easy  
Pinella/Cox 5/17/2010  
Playing ball outside bin Laden's house 5/4/2011  
Playing ball outside bin Laden's house (fast) 5/4/2011  
Poor audio quality 6/23/2010  
Praise for Mike's analysis of Bret Favre  
Put the ball in the ninth quadrant  
Putting Tatis in for defensive purposes 4/14/2010  
Quiet quiet (fast)  
Rex Ryan's weight  
Roethlisberger argument  
Shake Shack burgers 6/9/2010  
Sideways field goal 1/21/2011  
Slip it in  
Slurring and dead air 1/4/2011  
Someone's gotta tell me we're back 6/14/2010  
Sorry can't answer 9/22/2010  
Sorry you're a woman  
Sound effects from Mike 4/11/2011  
Sounds like there's a "but" coming 9/22/2010  
Start printing those playoff tickets 4/6/2011  
Start with Lee 6/7/2010  
Statistics are meaningless 11/3/2009  
Stunning horse 9/14/2010  
Take a break 12/3/2009  
Tanked up 9/22/2010  
That is a lame - Beep - [excuse] 8/19/2010  
That's a huge game!  
That's not true 5/14/2009  
That's what Durant does when he touches the ball 4/28/2011  
That's what she said 4/16/2010  
The government knows that 6/8/2010  
This instance 9/22/2010  
This town doesn't like losers 10/4/2010  
Tim Russert dropped dead 6/13/2008  
Tweak can last a month 4/1/2011  
Ugggggh - Oh! 7/23/2009  
Ummm 9/30/2009  
Under new management (fast)  
Use your noogin 9/23/2010  
Vincent Banamo 11/10/2010  
Wait a second!/Get lost!  
Wait a second/let's debate 6/7/2010  
Wait a second… 5/10/2010  
We all thought about having sex with Mickey Mantle 10/12/2010  
We can't suspend him, we can't sit him down 9/22/2010  
We know Cromartie has plenty of kids 9/17/2010  
Well that's why you're a clown...bye 3/10/2010  
We're gonna do an emormous amount of Yankees today 10/25/2010  
We're not talking about the Yankees 10/1/2009  
Whaddya punishin me for? He did it. 9/23/2010  
What a great tweet that was 8/9/2010  
What are you, his attorney? 9/22/2010  
What happens when your opinion is from Mars? 6/3/2010  
What is your point? 10/21/2010  
What kind of fair are you? 3/3/2011  
What was his...wait a second 6/14/2010  
What? 11/29/2010  
Which one?! 5/21/2010  
Who knows where those balls will be deposited 10/7/2009  
Why would you do that to A-Rod? 6/7/2010  
Wide Open  
Yoo-hoo 11/2/2009  
You can't beat anybody 11/2/2009  
You could call that from Chicago...with eight beers in you 10/25/2010  
You had the game won, the game was over 12/22/2009  
You have Peyton Manning! 2/8/2010  
You know nothing about baseball  
You know what? Who cares 5/21/2010  
You live in never never land 5/27/2009  
You should've thrown it...why didn't you run it? 5/13/2010  
Your catcher's name is?! 4/1/2011  
You're a fool  
You're going to sign the Kevorkian of kickers 10/25/2010  
You're not managing the Yankees 6/8/2009  
You're ordinary, shut up, back after this  
You're wrong (caller)/Mike sarcastic 4/26/2011  
Classic Mike and the Mad Dog Clips
Cory Lidle interview part 1 10/9/2006  
Cory Lidle interview part 2 10/9/2006  
Jim incident (fast)  
Joe from Brookfield calls Mike and the Dog to tell them he hates them 1/24/2008  
Mike and the Mad Dog Vile Nasty Profane Caller 5/22/2008  
Board Members
Andy in Seattle  
Andy in Seattle (intro)  
Audio disaster 6/14/2010  
Audio disaster #2 (Now I got reverb/take a break) 6/14/2010  
It's da Bread/John in SI loyalty oath call 5/4/2011  
Oomer creation #5 5/29/2009  
Oomer's a self promoter  
Oomer's creation - All Mike does is win 10/10/2010  
Oomers' Mike/Lady Gaga remix 7/16/2010  
Terrible job out of the Montreal Canadiens  
Terrible job out of the Montreal Canadiens (fast)  
Joe and Evan
Beeping phone while talking with Joe and Evan 8/19/2010  
Forget Steinbrenner? Get freaking lost 7/16/2010  
Forget Steinbrenner? Get freaking lost (fast)  
Joe and Evan sing the Mike'd Up theme 12/22/2010  
Joe and Evan sing the Mike'd Up theme 2:00 break 12/22/2010  
Joe covers Hall and Oates 12/9/2010  
Joe talks about Mike not getting into the parking lot 7/22/2009  
New Year's Eve Eve Eve 12/29/2010  
One Mile in Flushing  
Shaky wins - goodbye 12/22/2010  
You're not even a Jet fan! 1/26/2010  
You're not even a Jet fan! (fast) 1/26/2010  
You're not even a Jet fan! (slow) 1/26/2010  
You're wrong bro 7/16/2010  
Mad Dog Chris Russo
Dog celebrates the Giants winning the World Series 11/2/2010  
Mad Dog "Get off the boat" rant 12/27/2010  
Mad Dog on Pacman Jones  
We're trying to run this boat up the Potomac! 12/27/2010  
Imus - Mike and Mad Dog Related Clips
Benigno clip on Imus when Joe was new to the station  
Carlin on Imus introduces Mad Dog talking about West  
Imus and crew discuss what an "a-hole" Mike is  
Imus discussing Mike and Dog arguing over the Knicks  
Imus discussing the relationship between Mike and Parcells  
Imus discussing top paid sports personalities and Mike  
Imus makes fun of Dog for mispronouncing Kenny Jönsson  
Imus makes fun of Dog for saying "cohorsed"  
Imus talks about Mike and the horses  
Mike calls Imus asking for him to get rid of a tape  
Poorly Produced Radio Stream Commercials
Arbor Day PSA  
Arbor Day PSA (fast)  
Arbor Day PSA (slow)  
Cellino and Barnes (fast)  
Cellino and Barnes (slow)  
Chow Tips - massage nuts 10/21/2010  
Grunge commercial  
Kars 4 Kids bluegrass  
Kars 4 Kids reggae  
Kars 4 Kids rock  
Loser commercial 5/15/2009  
UFC commercial reading 1/21/2011  
Water stream commercial  
Devils announcers tweak Francesa 1/17/2011  
Greg Giannati impersonates Mike killing his producers 12/29/2010  
How many pinstripes does CC wear?  
I'm coming home  
I'm coming home (fast)  
I'm coming home (slow)  
LT police chief compilation 5/6/2010  
Mantle author says pussy 10/12/2010  
Mike calls Joe and Evan after George's death and gets beeped 7/13/2010  
Mike Zaun 1776 9/30/2013  
Mike Zaun 1863 10/4/2013  
Otis question during the Super Bowl contest  
Prokhorov: Where's the Mad Dog?  
Somers - sunrise sunrise sunrise (fast)  

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